2019 Sponsors

For information on sponsoring or exhibiting, please contact Maura Igoe, Director of Sales, American Spa Events, at [email protected] or 212-895-8265 to learn more about the many advantages of sponsoring this event.

Ambika Herbals is an inspired line of self-care rituals guided by Ayurveda and grounded with fresh, local herbs. Colorado-grown hemp extract is incorporated into our formulations as a powerful wellness ingredient that is completely natural and bioavailable with a full profile of terpenes and adaptogenic cannabinoids. Supportive herbs are sourced from artisan farms and extracted in-house to ensure potency and to support sustainable agriculture. We craft during the waxing moon phase as a way to align with the biodynamic rhythms of Nature, providing you with high vibrational skin and body care as an act of devotion. Founder Erica Ragusa is a certified herbalist and ayurvedic massage therapist who maintains a private practice to serve the community with conscious bodywork and skin care.  Ambika Herbals is 100% women-owned and operated and is located on the Breckenridge Creative Arts campus with open hours to the public.

Website: www.ambikaherbals.com/

Acara Skincare / Acara Hemp provides the most innovative all natural skin care with one idea in mind; LESS IS MORE. We offer a simple line, and offer private label services.   Please see our latest addition of hemp infused products, Pure Kind Botanicals.  We create organic skincare products out of the plants we grow, nurture, extract, and use the entire plant to make the box that holds the product. Seed back to earth.

Website: www.acaraskincare.com

Body Bliss, headquartered in the beautiful Verde Valley of Arizona, is the U.S.-based industry leader in formulation and production of natural and therapeutic aromatherapy spa products for our prestigious partners. We were formed on a simple premise that therapists and body workers are in intimate contact with the products they use all day, every day. If they work with products that support and enhance their wellbeing, then the benefits they feel will, in turn, flow naturally to their clients. Our product offering includes more than 100 of the world’s finest organic and wildcrafted essential oils, curated from “boutique” growers and distillers of organic, ethically wildcrafted or ecologically sensible essential oils and CO2 extracts. These form the basis of our face and body products, which include clean, eco-friendly products—free of parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrance, artificial colors, mineral oil, harsh sulfate cleansers, phthalates, and nanoparticles. Body Bliss is now offering CBD products manufactured using full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD that has been processed using CO2 extraction. 

Website: www.bodybliss.com

Cannaisseur Brands was launched by cannabis industry advocate, Aryn Sieber, who consults with physicians nationwide on the legal use of medical cannabis and CBD for their patients.  Sieber became a sought-after professional leader in the CBD and medical cannabis industry after using medical cannabis and CBD during his own battle with Stage IV cancer.  The topically applied products in the Cannaisseur Brands line are lab-formulated, third-party tested, and batch numbered to ensure quality and consistency.  All products in the line feature the brand's award winning flower.

Website: www.cannaisseurbrands.com

CAUSE+MEDIC is an all-natural skincare line combining the healing properties of cannabis with other active botanical ingredients, to enhance skin health and radiance. Every ingredient is consciously selected, responsibly sourced, and cruelty-free. We strive to create a greener, more sustainable skincare regimen and believe mother nature provides the recipe.

Website: www.causemedicated.com

At CBD Care Garden, we take wellness to a whole new level by infusing our products with organic PhytoActiv rich hemp oil, (whole plant oil versus pressed from the seeds). Why we do this is simple. We believe the most intelligent plant species on Earth, that’s made intentionally for the skin and body is HEMP.

It is our mission here at CBD Care Garden to define the landscape in premier, hemp-based wellness and beauty. Our vision is to “shape shift” the industry by revealing the wondrous benefits of phytocannabinoid rich skin care. Our goal is to make cannabinoids (molecules made within the human body and found within the hemp plant) and Cannabidiol (CBD) easily accessible to the world, as a lifestyle that includes hemp just makes sense.

Website: www.cbdcaregarden.com

The Dermaquest philosophy is to provide physicians and estheticians globally with innovative, results driven skincare solutions through unparalleled and unique ingredient blends; achievement of this philosophy is through the commitment to continual research and development of the latest ingredients and formulations.

Dermaquest were among the first to put the powerful properties of peptides, micronized zinc and glycolic acid to use in skincare and today are at the very helm of innovation, unearthing the peerless benefits of plant stem cell technology and most recently CBD (Cannabidiol).

A trusted supplier; Dermaquest is vetted to achieve a consistent and transparent raw material for every batch; the CBD within the collection is encapsulated into Cellulose

(Microsponge/Delivery system) which not only enhances product penetration, but it provides incredible hydration levels and aids in providing calcium to the skin.

3rd party tested for legitimacy and transparency on label claims.

Website: www.dermaquestinc.com

At Code of Harmony, we follow a code; We create Harmony in the skin with CBD infused, clean beauty products that promote calm, clarity, and slow the visible signs of aging. Founded by an Esthetician, our products are formulated for efficacy, and to go from the treatment room to retail shelves seamlessly. Code of Harmony products are a synergistic mix of CBD and powerful botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and clean cosmeceuticals that provide clients with a sensorial experience, while working to calm stressed skin conditions and address aging concerns. Our original, small batch formulations are THC-free, and the scents and textures of our products are luxurious and botanically created. The purity and potency for all of our ingredients is at the forefront of how we formulate and our ingredients deck will please even the most discerning clean beauty client.

Website: www.codeofharmony.com

Rooted in Science. Created with Intention. Colored Up in Love. Color Up's hemp-derived CBD products include those for internal consumption, body and skin care, as well as pills and additives for our animal friends. In fact, a love for animals and their wellbeing is what prompted Color Up's co-founders to begin a journey with CBD-infused products in 2017.  

Color Up is the first CBD-infused brand on the market with an advanced comprehensive skin care line, as well as a full facial protocol for both professionals and at-home care. The products are formulated with botanical extracts and plant oils, as well as clinically proven active ingredients including vitamins, peptides, vegan squalane, plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid. 

Available through licensed estheticians & cosmetologists, spas & wellness centers and on www.ColorUpCo.com, Color Up products are made in small batches with ingredients sourced in the United States. The products are formulated and produced at Color Up's CBD Wellness & Education Center in Denver. Opened in January 2019, the CBD Wellness & Education Center is Denver's largest facility dedicated to education on CBD and Cannabinoids. The 12,000-square-foot campus includes an art gallery, demo kitchen, retail store, spa treatment rooms and event spaces featuring Cyclorama Walls.  

The award-winning products are strictly cruelty-free, all natural and gluten-free.  It's your time to Color Up!  

Website: www.coloruptherapeutics.com/

CULTIVATE is a woman-owned premium wellness and self-care brand based in San Diego, California. Focused on delivering botanical formulations rich in full spectrum phytocannabinoids extracted from organic hemp plants, Cultivate aims to provide products for those looking for a safe and compliant source of THC-Free CBD-infused products. With wellness offerings such as Tinctures, Softgels and a topical Soothing Balm and an upcoming launch of Cultivate’s 7 Essentials Skincare Ritual as part of its’ selfcare line, Cultivate is committed to being at the forefront of innovation. To guarantee quality, Cultivate collaborates only with well-respected suppliers for its line of products, utilizing advanced extraction techniques and care for optimum usage of the plant and processing under the strictest of U.S. guidelines and standards. Long Live Wellness!

Website: www.livecultivate.com

GSN Planet is a nonprofit trade association that provides environmental education, resources, and gatherings for the spa and wellness industry. By creating a passionate community and inspiring spa and wellness companies to take action, they are creating a more sustainable future with its members. GSN Planet believes the spa and wellness industry has a unique opportunity to make a substantial positive impact by adapting practices that support the environmental and human resources necessary to provide its services, products, and experiences. Their work goes beyond the direct impact as an industry. They are also ambassadors for an entire world of wellness focused on creating positive change for the planet and the people on it.


Located in Bloomington, IL, 130 miles south of Chicago, with our chemists and scientists in- house, Hale Cosmeceuticals formulates, produces, packages and ships in and from our building sites.  Our products are used by many well-known dermatologists, plastic surgeons, private companies, salons, and spas.  We have exhibit booths at the major spa trade shows each year, offer information 24/7/365 via our website, utilize Facebook and Twitter, and have a retail outlet at our Bloomington location.

Hale's 30+ years of scientifically researched products has earned us a dependable, technology-driven reputation amongst skin care professionals across the country.  Our fully staffed research and development department stays abreast of all the latest changes and newest innovations in the skin care field.  We offer a unisex line free of fillers, never do animal testing or use animal derivatives as ingredients in our formulations, have all paraben-free formulations, and compound our formulas with a cold-water processing method to ensure the highest quality and efficacy in our finished products.

Our technologies include neuropeptides, skin brighteners, vitamins, CBD and idebenone which are proven successes in the market place.  We give written material data sheets on each product, offer custom compounding, private labeling, and hold research and patent filings.

There is no minimum order and shipments are sent normally the same day your order is placed.  Average cost of shipping is $10.00.  We offer free shipping for orders over $100.00   Hale's product line comes in mini, retail, back bar, and bulk sizes for your convenience.  

Website: www.halecosmeceuticals.com

Created by spa professionals and proven in a top-rated spa, the JL ESSENCIALS pure botanical skincare line focuses on restoring and maintaining the natural balance of healthy skin. These skincare products are a blend of pure botanicals and powerful ingredients that leave the skin feeling and looking healthier and revitalized. Select JL ESSENCIALS products also contain the power of whole-plant Pure Hemp extract. It is an oil derived from the legal, industrial hemp plant that naturally contains a blend of compounds known as terpenes and phytocannabinoids. Our bodies produce endocannabinoids, which are very similar to phytocannabinoids, so our bodies naturally interact with the phytocannabinoids. CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid compound derived from hemp. CBD has recently gained significant recognition for a wide array of uses and benefits including being beneficial in skincare and body care products Whether you want to cleanse, tone, moisturize or rejuvenate your skin, JL ESSENCIALS has the products you’re looking for to get your plant-based glow on. Trust your skincare, love your skin, and feel nurtured by nature. 

Website: www.jlessencials.com

Love of the outdoors (skiing, hiking, snowboarding etc.) was the inspiration for Lacuna Botanicals.  Whether in the city or in the mountains, our bodies take a beating every day. From sore joints to dry skin and everything in between, we felt there had to be a natural alternative to prescription opiates and silicon/petroleum-based skin care products that have flooded the market. Like many people, we’ve tried numerous products, with most never quite getting the job done. In response, we started Lacuna Botanicals with the mission of creating the best all natural products we could. We meticulously source the highest quality ingredients locally and from around the world.  

Working with massage therapists in Colorado’s top ski destinations and spas, we developed the world’s first purpose-built CBD infused massage cream, Deep Tissue in 2015.   Rather than just a simple lotion with CBD in it, Deep Tissue was designed from the ground up as a massage powerhouse with over a dozen pain-relieving essential oils, plant terpenes and CBD from finest quality Colorado hemp we grow ourselves.  Since 2015, we’ve developed a complete portfolio of the industry’s most innovative premium CBD spa products and are rapidly expanding to work with spas across the country.   Give our products a try, we’re sure you’ll love them! 

Website: www.lacunabotanicals.com

Best known as the developer of the award-winning transdermal patch, Mary’s Medicinals is a wellness company innovating at the intersection of engineering, technology, and horticulture. All Mary’s Medicinals products have the Seal of Approval from The Realm of Caring

Website: www.marysmedicinals.com

Primal Healing uses whole plant, organic ingredients in a variety of forms to create hand-crafted, small-batch quality topicals that offer relief from the aches, pains and limitations of our daily lives. We strive to offer sustainable, organic solutions to ensure the purest therapeutic effects inspired by nearly two decades of nursing and massage therapy experience.

Website: www.primalhealing.com

RE Botanicals® is the Pure Organic Hemp Apothecary brand created by 20-year hemp and superfoods veteran John W. Roulac who was also the founder of Nutiva. RE Botanicals products are crafted with the highest quality, full-spectrum, organic hemp extract that taps into the human endocannabinoid system – the system that helps maintain the body's overall wellness and supports many physical processes. Curated with only the highest quality, plant-based hemp extracts with certified-organic MCT Coconut Oil. RE Botanicals offers organic classic, peppermint and pet tinctures. 1% of RE Botanicals sales are donated to promote regenerative agriculture.

Website: www.rebotanicals.com

Welcome to The Splish CBD Network, purveyors of high quality CBD products for the spa, salon and wellness industries. Each of our products are crafted specifically for these industries. We have dozens of years experience and know intimately the needs of guests, therapists and the business itself. All our products are THC Free and utilize the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils. Further, our products are enhanced with food grade terpenes, increasing the overall efficacy of each of our CBD products.

Website: www.splishcbd.com

Universal Companies is the leading single-source supplier to more than 35,000 clients in the spa and wellness industry, offering a wide variety of products, supplies, equipment, and education to help professionals manage and grow their businesses. Business is good when their businesses are better. Since 1982, we’ve been helping owners and customers alike not only obtain what they need, but find their own roadmap to what they’re looking for. Our passion is service. We teach others, share our knowledge, and share our products. Our customers come first. They always have, and they always will.

Website: www.universalcompanies.com

White Lion Apothecary offers a collection of rare and beautiful whole leaf teas artfully infused with pure and natural hemp extract.  The teas are masterfully blended to balance and support the wellness benefits of the hemp extract.  The result is in the cup.  The flavors are smooth and refined ranging from soft and subtle to full and complex. 

White Lion Apothecary CBD Infused Teas are designed to enhance the spa experience by supporting your wellbeing. CBD has long been known to reduce stress, increase muscle relaxation, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. Enjoy these therapeutic teas here in the spa, and then later in your own home. Each unique tea is blended with your personal needs in mind and leaves you feeling revived and ready to take on what’s next in life. 

Website: www.whiteliontea.com/

Living WELL is always the goal.  That is why every ingredient in WELL CBD Products is included with intention and has a purpose towards that goal.  We formulate products that combine powerful terpenes, essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. A perfect combination of effective products, with touches of luxury and indulgences for the ultimate in Self Love.


·       Clean Ingredients

·       Made in the USA

·       Zero THC – Third Party Tested

·       Minimum 99% Pure CBD

·       100% Natural


Instagram @wellcbd 

Facebook @wellcbdproducts 

Website: www.well-cbd.com


ZuRI, A CBD Supply Co. is proud to have one of the largest and most comprehensive CBD wellness product assortments in the market today.  Our aim is to become the destination for consumers focused on naturally enhancing their wellness regimens, as well as their pets', with the inclusion of hemp-derived CBD.  Our current assortment is sought by those looking for help in relieving a multitude of daily challenges as well as maintaining overall health and wellness.

As the hemp-derived CBD industry is expected to grow to $22 billion in the next 3 years,  ZuRI is focused on the growth of the industry and growing its own share of the business through researching the needs and expectations of the consumer and delivering quick turnaround times to provide the most effective products in the industry.

Among the steps ZuRI takes to ensure it is offering the highest quality products to its customers, is sourcing only US produced CBD and triple testing all our products with independent 3rd party labs for purity and CBD content.  Our team of biochemists focus on developing innovative THC free and full spectrum formulas for everything from CBD wellness drops and skin care, to CBD dog chews. 

ZuRI’s commitment to quality, breadth of assortment and value makes us an ideal partner, whether it means offering ZuRI branded product or collaborating on private brand exclusives.  ZuRI stands behind its products 100% and is passionate about improving the wellness of its customers every day!

Website: www.zuricbd.com

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